Predictive Maintenance

More data leads to less down time & costs and to higher customer satisfaction.

Precise, insightful and good engine failure detection improves these three main KPIs:

1) Improve product and brand scores by reducing the overall maintenance costs and idle time of the car.
2) Increases customer satisfaction by lowering the times that end-users need to have their car maintained.
3) Increases margins of maintenance activities by driving more traffic to own dealership or garages.

Getting more data out of a car with existing hardware (e.g. microcontroller, gateway, telematics unit) enables to do good analysis to determine when maintenance is due. In most cases, the hardware is not capable of processing, storing or transmitting such high(er) amounts of data. Financially it is not always possible to upgrade to more CPU in such devices as the overall costs would grow too high. Teraki software fixes this problem by ‘virtually’ upgrading the hardware and getting the right amount of data out of the car for proper analysis and algorithms to run on.

For the fleet manager these costs become crucial in order to maintain the lowest cost-efficiencies for his fleet. For the OEM, this is key to deliver to the increasing demands of customers and increase satisfaction.

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